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Painting Holidays

Experience a week of relaxation and painting. The portrait painting holiday is a step out of our busy lives and a chance to reset. Kate will show you how she develops ideas and creates her paintings.

Learn how to work from both photographic sources and a life model. We will go through the stages of oil painting and learn a variety of oil painting techniques. 

Kate created her painting holidays, so our community of participants can discover or reconnect with art in a beautiful and serene atmosphere. Physical and mental wellbeing are of utmost importance for creating artistic endeavours and, through our painting courses, she hopes not only will you engage with your own painting but find that much needed space to relax. Learning new skills and techniques and being able to be part of a collective of artists will give you artistic energy and a shared experience. Creating lasting memories in the majestic scenery of South-West France. The painting holiday comes with full accommodation, delicious French meals, painting equipment and five full days of tuition learning how to paint from a qualified art teacher and professional artist.  


'Where the mountains meet the sea'

Laás is located in the south-west of France between Biarritz and Pau.Here the mountains of the Pyrenees meet the water of the Atlantic Ocean, surfers come upon pilgrims, France and Spain converge.Béarn is historically important but in the present rather hidden from the spotlight. Nonetheless, it is a cultural landscape which is very interesting to discover.

French country charm. The Auberge De la Fontaine is our village hotel and restaurant.  The restaurant is renowned in the area for it's French cuisine. The rooms are clean and well-presented with ensuite. They retain the flair of yesterday and create a sense of wellbeing with up-to-date comfort for high demands.

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Learn How To:

Create your own portraits

‘Hear no evil’#asiacontemporaryartshow #newwork #acrylicpainting #artistsoninstagram #cont
  • Select and take good source photographs for portraiture

  • Work from a direct subject

  • Prime and prepare our canvas

  • Set up an oil painting palette and organise your working space

  • Mix solutions for oil painting

  • Mix a range of colours and tones to create realistic flesh tones.

  • Create an underpainting using principals from the Masters

  • How to block in tonal areas and understand the planes of the face

  • Use a range of techniques to add detail, including glazing techniques

  • Create your own finished works.

  • Create a narrative in the work. 

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