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Painting Workshops And Holidays

Our painting workshops and holidays take place in the light and airy space of Kate Sparrow's art studio in the beautiful village of Laás in South West France. The workshops will give you the skills and confidence you need to realise your own creative vision. Experience a different pace of life on our six-day painting retreats. 

'The pace and structure of the class was not concerned with painting to perfection, but neatly timed to create that flow, where time passed by quickly and the concerns of the outside world disappeared for the duration of the day.' Steve Bateman 

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Painting Workshops

Kate is a passionate teacher of art and takes great pride in every course she leads at the studio. She has a highly interactive and engaging teaching style that has made her an extremely popular choice for both beginners and developing artists. The one-day workshops will introduce you to the process of oil painting using a simple Zorn colour palette. We will work through the stages of developing a painting. 

The course included a delicious three course meal and the local French restaurant in the village. 


Painting Holidays

Experience a week of relaxation and painting. The portrait painting holiday is a step out of our busy lives and a chance to reset. Kate will show you how she develops ideas and creates her paintings.

Learn how to work from both photographic sources and a life model. We will go through the stages of oil painting and learn a variety of oil painting techniques.

We live in a very peaceful and rural area. There is limited public transport and it really is a place to relax. 

Guests will stay in the beautiful local Auberge in the quirky village of Laás in SW France. Each room has its own unique design with ensuite bathrooms.  All meals are included and the restaurant takes pride in using the most seasonal ingredients. 

Where We Are

Laás and The Bearn region 

The village of Laás is renowned in the area of Bearn for seeking status as its own principality. In the village is a beautiful Chateau open to the public.  Each year the Chateau hosts a music festival and each village house has a star representing the musicians or bands that have played there - the 'Laàs Vegas boulevard'. It really is a magical place to visit. 


South-West France

The south-west of France is an under-explored region, where the Pyrenees rise majestically to the Spanish border. We are blessed with beautiful beaches and mountains with winter ski resorts. Explore the medieval towns and villages steeped in history. 

The local river is the perfect place to have a swim and there are many activities in the area. Including rafting on the rapids and surfing in the sea. 

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