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Paintbrushes from Kate Sparrow's art studio in Laas, France

Portrait Painting

Contact me for group and individual prices 

Learn within a day to paint a portrait with Kate Sparrow at her studio.

Portrait Painting Day

What you will learn

  • Prepare the canvas with a ground colour

  • Transfer and develop an underdrawing and underpainting using one colour

  • Understand tone verses colour

  • Prepare your colour palette and set up your space

  • Mix colours and tonal ranges. Looking at defining shapes we will block in areas of tone and colour

  • Soften edges and add definition during the final stages of the painting 


We will work from a photographic image to gain confidence in the process of creation. The painting workshop is ideal for beginners with no previous painting experience or those who would like to enhance their skill level.

Students painting during a painting retreat

Cost of the Day

Course fees: 90 euros - includes the canvas and all painting materials, along with a three course lunch and wine!

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